Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Gamers! Anime Review

Gamers! TV Anime Review

During the 2017 summer season, Gamers! was an anime of interest. It didn't take long before I heard people joke about how it should have been called "Misunderstandings!" instead. If only I knew how...
Anime You Should Be Watching Fall 2017

Anime You Should Be Watching | Fall 2017

With the Fall 2017 anime season now in full swing, we finally decided to put together a list of currently airing anime you should be watching! Please note that while we are recommending these...
No Game No Life: Zero Review Featured

No Game No Life Zero Film Review

No Game No Life Zero is a prequel to the globally popular No Game No Life series. The original novel that both anime are based on was originally published in 2012 by Yuu Kamiya. The...
Japanese Overwork - Getting to know Japanese Culture - Featured

Japanese Overwork And Why It Happens | Getting to know Japanese Culture

Getting to know Japanese Culture #4: Japanese Overwork and Why It HappensThis week on "Getting to know Japanese Culture," I decided to tackle a more serious issue in Japanese Culture; Japanese overwork and why people...

Hand Shakers: A Head-Shaking Disappointment

I have been ready to watch Hand Shakers for a long time now, being an anime made by the studio GoHands. However, I was not ready to continuously shake my head in disappointment as I quickly...