Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Netflix To Co-Produce Anime

Netflix Will Begin Co-Producing Anime With Production I.G, BONES, WIT Studio

Netflix recently announced an extensive business alliance with studios BONES, Production I.G, and it's sister studio Wit Studio. Netflix will co-produce anime episodes from the studios, and then stream them on their platform in...
Crunchyroll's Website Hacked

BREAKING: Crunchyroll’s Website Has Been Hacked, Attempts to Auto-Download Malware (Updated)

As of 11/4/17 9:31 AM PST, Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that everything is okay and their site is back to normal. *Updates to the situation are at the bottom of the page. 11/4/17 5:21 AM PST -...
Netflix Anime Series 2018

Netflix is Working on 30 Anime Series for 2018

Netflix really seems to be upping their anime game in the near future. Ted Sarandos, the company’s chief of content, confirmed that 30 anime series and 80 original films are in the works for 2018....
Sentai Filmworks -- Featured

Sentai Filmworks to Phase Out DVDs by 2019

Sentai Filmworks announced today that by 2019, they will have removed DVDs from their product lineup. The company will still be releasing DVDs for second or third seasons of titles that are already on...
Adam Wingard Death Note Live-Action

Director of Netflix’s Death Note Live-Action Adam Wingard Deletes Twitter Due to Death Threats

It has now been nearly three weeks since Netflix released it's Death Note Live-Action film, an adaptation of the iconic original series. While most people in the community have seen or heard of the...