Jotaku Network Plans For Year Two

Jotaku Network Plans For Year Two -- Featured

On March 21st 2018, Jotaku Network officially turned one year old! Since its creation, the site has grown exponentially from the 3,000 website visits we accumulated in the first month.

At launch, Jotaku Network was bare-bones, and focused mostly on anime news. With the addition of more community-centric features, we are attempting to switch focus more towards original editorial content. In January we re-launched with a new look, user profiles, on-site currency, and more. At this time we also hosted a giveaway and began beta-testing our new forums alongside it. What are Jotaku Network’s plans for year two you ask? Let’s find out!


  • The Forums are now open for anyone to create threads, instead of just replies.
  • Notifications are now a constant in the bottom left corner for signed-in users.
  • You can now earn on-site currency (¥en) for various activities. A detailed list of these, as well as their values, will be put together in the next few days.

Want to see your current ¥en balance? Check your Profile.
*Note: All relevant on-site activities made on or after January 29th, 2018 have already been applied to user balances.


Q2 2018

  • Jotaku Network Writing Contests ― More information soon!
  • Profile badges ― Earn badges for various on-site activities, achievements, contests, and more. Additional information soon.

Q3 2018

  • Jotaku Network Shop ― Spend your hard-earned ¥en on cool rewards and merchandise; More information soon.

Q4 2018-Q1 2019

  • Social Activity ― Create public wall posts, comment and like posts, reply to posts, and more! For more information on what will be possible, click here.


Verified Writers Program ― Earn money and get paid for creating content here on Jotaku Network! Work with experienced editors, track post analytics, and gain valuable writing experience. More information soon.


MORE. These are just the features that we are comfortable announcing or revealing at this time. These are by no means all of the additions we have planned for Jotaku Network, so stay tuned for further news!

From both myself and the dozen or so core writers we have had over the course of our first year, a big thanks to everyone who has visited the site or consumed our content. We will only get bigger and better from here.